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Life Changes

Sometimes our lives take an unexpected turn. When that happens, you can take comfort knowing that your account was designed with your security and best interests in mind. That’s true whether you encounter a job change or termination, a divorce or your family status changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I changed jobs and have an HRA from my former employer that has a spend-down feature. How does it affect my new HSA?
The spend-down feature lets you continue to use the money in the HRA from your previous employer, but your employer cannot make new contributions to the HRA. You cannot open or contribute to your new HSA until the HRA dollars are spent and the current plan year for the HRA is over. You can enroll in the new HDHP, but not set up the HSA until that time.
If my spouse has a family HDHP with an HSA, and I lose coverage under my individual HDHP, can I still contribute to my HSA? 
No.  Once you lose coverage under your individual HDHP, you become ineligible to contribute to your HSA.  You must be covered by a qualified HDHP to be able to contribute.