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HRA Overview for Brokers and Agents

CareFirst makes HRAs easy for you - and your clients

A health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is a great way for your clients to offset their employees’ health care costs while enjoying tax advantages. HRAs help employees pay for eligible medical expenses, and since the accounts are employer-owned and funded, your clients have more control and design flexibility.

Employers enjoy flexability, tax savings

CareFirst’s HRA plan is easy to implement and offers your clients valuable advantages, including:

  • Control — Employers decide how much to contribute and what medical expenses are eligible.
  • Flexibility — Employers can choose: either the employer or the employee can pay first.
  • Tax savings — Employers’ contributions are tax-deductible, lowering their taxes.
  • Ownership — Employers decide whether to allow funds to carry over each year, and HRA funds stay with the company should the employee leave.
  • Added savings — Employers only pay what the employee spends. On average, employees use 70%.

Outstanding support for you and your clients

Your clients and employees receive 24/7 support to ensure they’re getting the most out of their HRAs. Our high-touch service model provides one-on-one training sessions and a whole team of account executives and customer service representatives. This gives you and your clients seamless administration and empowers employees to take an active role in their health care spending decisions.

User-friendly tech and tools available 24/7

  • Portals – broker, employer, member
  • CareFirst mobile app
  • Debit card – simple, seamless and smart.
    Funds draw from designated health spending account(s) automatically. Free cards with no fees.
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