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Getting Started

This guide contains information to help you enroll in an account and get set up for online account management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's my account balance?
You can check your account balance by signing in to You can also call us at Toll Free: 866-758-6119 to get your current balance.
What's my CareFirst ID?
Your CareFirst ID (SA ID) is required in order to register on It is mailed to you after you have enrolled in an account. It is sent via US Postal Service to the mailing address we have on file. If you cannot find your SA ID, call us at Toll Free: 866-758-6119.
 What if I have another account paired with my HSA?
When actively contributing to an HSA, the following limitations may apply (please see your Summary Plan Description for details):

HSA + HRA: The HRA is limited to vision and dental expenses until you have met your deductible with your insurance OR the HRA is suspended completely.

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